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Agora perguntas da Família para Au Pair... Podendo ter variações...

Tem famílias que perguntam mtaaa coisaa...outras só o necessárioo...vo passa uma lista de perguntas mtooooo grande, éh claro que a host family naum vai perguntar muitoo...mas você pode ter certeza que todas a perguntas q host family fizer vai estar dentro dessas listas, eu falo isso pq foi assim comigoo uns dias atras...rsrsr

Discuss the Au Pair’s past experience and interest in working with children.

1- Why have you chosen to become an Au Pair?
2- What do you enjoy most about caring for children?
3- What is your childcare experience? Have you babysat for kids, or worked in a camp or kindergarten? Have you ever bathed or cooked meals for children?
4- What are the ages of the children you have cared for in the past? Do you have any specific experience with children of our children’s ages?
5- Have you ever cared for children for 45 hours a week? What is the longest amount of time you have cared for children?
6- How many children have you cared for alone at one time?
7- Would you be comfortable staying home with kids all day?

Discuss the au pair’s driving ability.

1- Do you drive? How often?
2- Do you have an international driver’s license?
3- Do you have a car now? What are your driving restrictions?
4- Have you ever driven an American automatic car? (Also, keep in mind that many au pairs are not accustomed to driving large minivans or sports utility vehicles)
5- Have you ever been in a car accident? (If yes, discuss it)
6- Would you be comfortable driving kids in the car with you?
7- How long have you had a driver’s license?

Discuss the au pair’s lifestyle and interests.

1- What are you doing right now, are you working or going to school? What are you studying or where are you working?
2- What are your hobbies?
3- Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How does he or she feel about you leaving for a year? Are they going to want to visit you?
4- Do you smoke cigarettes? If yes, how often? If now, have you ever smoked, and if so, when did you quit?
5- Do you have any medical (health) problems
6- Do you like or have pets? (ask about allergies)
7- Have you ever lived away from home before? For how long?
8- Have you ever been to the United States before? Are you familiar with American culture and family values?
9- What type of relationship do you have with your family? How does your family feel about you coming to the United States for one year? What would you hope to do during your year in the USA?

Further discuss the au pair’s past experience and interest in working with children.

1- How would you handle…(a specific problem such as: bedtime, meal struggles, jealousy, crying, a fussy baby)
2- How do you discipline children? How were you disciplined as a child?
3- What do you think your day will be like with the children? What will you do with them?
4- What is the hardest part about working with children for you?
5- Have you had any special childcare training?

Further discuss the au pair’s lifestyle and interests.

1- Who do you live with at the moment? If you live by yourself, how will you feel about joining a family and having to respect their house rules?
2- Do you have a curfew now? What is it?
3- What does your family do during free time? Hobbies? Interests? (Think if they are similar to your family’s interests, or if those activities are available in your community)
4- What does being part of a family mean to you?
5- What is your biggest concern about being an Au Pair?
6- Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How does s/he feel about you being an Au Pair for one year?
7- Do you know how to swim? Would you be willing to learn?
8- Do you know how to cook? What kind of meals do you envision cooking for the children? Are you a vegetarian? If so, would you cook meat for the children? Are there any types of meals that you will not eat?
9- Do you play any sports?
10- Do you consider yourself a tidy or messy person? Would you have a problem joining a very messy or very neat household?
11- What your best qualities?
12- What are your worst qualities?
13- Why should we choose you as our Au Pair?

Estas perguntas By André Dádamo (Orkut)

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